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tu-sello-latino-advertising-agency“Evolution of the Latino Market in the US”

The New Dream Market in America
tu-sello-latino-magicoLet’s remember and get some facts about the Latino Market how it start and now to be consider as one the most important consumer market in the US. Every media company has now a department to be concentrated into the Latino Market in “Español”.

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic segment of the U.S. population according to the 2010 census with 55 million Hispanics. Thanks to rising per capita income, their household spending on food, house items, services, autos, housing is projected to rise on average by 8.7% during the coming decade. In comparison, spending by non-Hispanic households is projected to climb by only 2.5%.

To think about this phenomenal reality fifty years ago, maybe it was a dream. Now is a true reality  and future growth of the Latino Market in the US.

More companies, states even the federal government, should take more serious, the importance of the new Latino Market, that is changing America into a Multicultural Society.


Virgilio Lozano

Latin Marketing Consultant, President & CEO

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